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Originally from Southern California, Scott Singer is 20 years old and attends Sacramento State University. He is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Communications. While attending college, some of Scott's favorite jobs have included working as a Guest Service Host for Princess Cruises and Holland America Line and as an intern reporter for NBC in Sacramento. When Scott is not working, studying, or doing cruise stuff, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, running and spending time with his family and friends. To find out more about Scott, make sure to follow him on social media @ScottSingerCruises

Scott took his first cruise when he was only a year old, though his love for cruises did not start until he was in sixth grade. He took a week long cruise to Alaska and was instantly hooked. When he got home from that trip, he started researching about the cruise industry and his passion grew stronger each year. Scott eventually had extensive knowledge of every cruise line, the hottest cruise trends, popular cruise destinations, the dos and don'ts of cruising and everything else which makes up the cruise industry. With this knowledge, Scott ended up being the "go to" person for his family and friends whenever they wanted to find out more about a cruise. The summer after he graduated high school, Scott took his third Alaska cruise and that is when he realized he wanted to work up in Alaska during the summer cruise season. So in summer of 2015, Scott drove from California to Fairbanks, AK, to work as a Guest Service Host for Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. While there, he worked at the tour desk, dealt with the logistics of the cruise line operations in Alaska and eventually became a tour guide where he would take a group of guests on the Alaska Railroad between Fairbanks and Denali. It was in Alaska that Scott knew he wanted to work in the cruise industry. The next summer, Scott and his family took a 10 day cruise to Alaska and Scott filmed their whole trip with vlogs and ship tours. He posted his videos to YouTube starting at the end of July and that is when he had the idea to create the Scott Singer Cruises brand. It officially launched in October 2016.