Cruise Ship Menus 

One of the most popular things about a cruise is the food! That is why Scott will be taking pictures of the menus during each meal. To see a visual of the food, make sure to watch Scott's vlogs on his YouTube Channel. Hopefully this will come in handy! Of course these menus are subject to change each cruise. 

royal princess mediterranean cruise menus (back-to-back cruise)

Menus Rome: Day 1 

Menus Messina: Day 2

Menus At Sea: Day 3

Menus Kotor: Day 4

Menus Corfu: Day 5

Menus Crete: Day 6

Menus Mykonos: Day 7

Menus Athens: Day 8

Menus Katakolon Day 9: Alfredos Pizzeria Menu

Menus Kotor Day 10: Ultimate Balcony Dining Menu