royal princess mediterranean cruise (back-to-back cruise)

Day 1: Civitavecchia (Rome)

Day 2: Messina (Sicily)

Day 3: Sea Day

Day 4: Kotor

Day 5: Corfu

Day 6: Chania (Crete)

Day 7: Mykonos 

Log of Cruise: First Week

Day 8: Piraeus (Athens)

Day 9: Katakolon 

Day 10: Kotor

Day 11: Sea Day

Day 12: Khios

Day 13: Rhodes

Day 14: Mykonos

Log of Cruise: Second Week

10 Day Alaska Cruise

Grand Princess Patters

Day 1: San Francisco

Day 2: Sea Day

Day 3: Sea Day

Day 4: Juneau 

Day 5: Scenic Cruising Glacier Bay

Day 6: Haines

Day 7: Ketchikan 

Day 8: Sea Day

Day 9: Victoria

Day 10: Sea Day

Log of Cruise


daily schedules 

Here's where you can find all the daily activity schedules from cruises I have been on. Hopefully these will come in handy to those of you who like to get an idea of what is being offered onboard! 

cruise lingo

Each cruise line has a unique name for what they call their daily schedules:

  • Princess Cruises: Princess Patters