After many requests to start one, I have decided to start blogging! I love trying new things and challenging myself so blogging will be perfect! I'll be blogging about cruise tips, upcoming cruises, my actual cruise-a daily account, and anything else cruise related. Head on over to the Blog tab to find out more! 

-Scott S.

Being a journalism major, I thought it would be perfect to put my skills to the test and create a "Cruise Industry News" area here on my website! I will be writing articles on major cruise related announcements-from new ships, itinerary changes, cruise line policies and anything else that's new and that you would possibly want to know! I'll also be interviewing some cruise line executives and travel companies to get some insight on their product to help make deciding your cruise easier! Check out the Cruise Industry News tab!

-Scott S.

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YouTube Videos 

One of my favorite things to watch are cruise related shows on television and on YouTube. Though most times I would still have questions about a ship or destination after watching the video. So I decided to start filming my cruises back in June 2016. I have two types of videos-a "vlog" type where I bring you along on my cruise as if you're right there next to me and a "tour" type where I give you an in depth tour of a particular venue on a ship or a tour I might be going on. My main goal is to film what the viewer wants to see so if you have any video suggestions or requests, please feel free to let me know and I'll try my best to capture it! If you watch my videos on YouTube, the easiest way to watch my videos are from the Playlist tab-all my videos are organized there according to ship, day, and cruise! Also, make sure to watch in HD on YouTube for the best video quality! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for watching and please subscribe!

-Scott S. 

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